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Water Fed Pole Systems

Waterfed Poles are the business end of the Ionics Reach & Wash® system

At the Walkden Group we have been serving the Waterfed Pole industry for a number of years with:

  • Systems Installation
  • System Transfers
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Van floor protective coatings (IP 1000 - visit our website for more details
  • Accessories
  • Electrical Installations

We only supply the best in Waterfed Poles. Our range of poles includes the popular GRAFTER™ pole, the GLYDER™ pole and the SWIFT™ pole. Whether you are looking for a low reach waterfed pole, a medium reach waterfed pole or a high reach waterfed pole the Walkden Group has got you covered.

The GRAFTER™ waterfed pole has a reach of (1.6 metres / 17ft to 32ft / approximately a 4 storey building) it's a Carbon-glass fibre mix pole, ideal for residential work up to about 25ft, with the occasional need to reach a little higher. A very short collapsed length means ease of use at ground level. Read more about the GRAFTER™ pole >>

The GLYDER™ waterfed pole has a reach of (1.99 metres / 25ft to 40ft / approximately a 7 storey building) it's a Carbon fibre pole with excellent rigidity and lightness, as well as a short collapsed length. Great for residential and low-rise commercial where a 30-40 ft reach is needed regularly. Read more about the GLYDER™ pole >>

The SWIFT™ waterfed pole has a reach of (2.34 metres / 45ft to 80ft / approximately a 10 storey building) it's a Carbon pole with unsurpassed rigidity and lightness. It is designed specifically for medium to high-level commercial work. Very narrow handle sections make this pole comfortable to use even for long time periods. Read more about the SWIFT™ pole >>

At the Walkden Group we are highly competitive with all our prices and offer a 'second to none' service. You can buy any of the waterfed poles listed through our secure website, or if you feel you would like to speak to an adviser please call 0161 763 4581.

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